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Photographs featured on this site are for sale in the form of prints or for use in publications.

If you already know the picture(s) you are interested in, click the Contact button and make your needs known through email, snail mail or telephone.

Click the Search Button to discover other subjects. Click the Contact button to arrange for viewing pictures of those Subjects or purchasing known pictures.

High quality prints are offered in the following sizes:

• 5x7 ($24.95)
• 8x10 ($39.95)
• 8x12 ($49.95)
• 10x13 ($59.95)
• 11x14 ($69.95)
• 11x17 ($79.95)
• 12x18 ($89.95)

Images are normally printed on Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper for beautiful color reproduction and long life. Other custom arrangements can be worked out as necessary, including larger prints, custom sizing for a special frame, etc. Most requests can be accommodated. Shipping and handling charges are $7.95 for sizes 5X7 to 10X13 and $10.95 for 11X14 to 12X18.

JG is also available for assignments in the Greater Yellowstone area and beyond.